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Ravenscar is a small community with an information centre, tea rooms and the Raven Hall Hotel with its mock battlements and an impressive cliff-side golf course. The Hotel which was originally a private house was built in 1774.

Raven Hall and the Golf Course

Robin Hoods Bay
From the Raven Hall Battlements

In the 1890's a plan was devised to turn the area into a holiday resort which fortunately never amounted to anything. Beach walks and cliff treks are an attractive feature of the area with the Cleveland way passing through the village. Ravenscar is also the finishing point of the grueling forty mile Lyke Wake walk from Osmotherly.

Although the coastline is spectacular and unrivaled, walks along the rocky beach are dangerous due to the fast rising tide and should only be undertaken when the tide is just starting to ebb, but remember that even then there is only limited time available. The cliffs reach 585ft and tradition has it that the Danes raised a flag here with a Ravens image. In the 3rd and 4th Centuries there was a Roman Fort here.

There is a path leading down from the Hotel battlements to the boulder strewn beach below. If you decide to attempt it, remember getting down is hard work but getting back up is even harder. Its very steep in places.

Much of the coast here is now owned by the National Trust, whose information centre and shops at the starting point along a waymarked track which passes sites of Former industry, including the recently excavated Alum mines which were in production between 1640 and 1862.

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